Pr Alpha CONDE
Pr Alpha CONDE

The message of the President
Since 2010, Guinea began its march towards development. The country was able to quickly reach the completion point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries ( HIPC) initiative, which allowed it to reduce its external debt by more than $ 2 billion.

For the first time in its history, Guinea has concluded and finalized a formal program supported by the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) with the Bretton Woods institutions (IMF, World Bank). This is the consequence of the rigor in management, the fight against the misused of public funds and the control of inflation. The attractive business climate, favored by the establishment of services such as the APIP (Private Investment Promotion Agency) and the most incentives mining code, made the Guinean destination very popular.

However, it was at a time when the country was really taking off towards the economic upturn that the Ebola virus disease appeared. An epidemic disease that has left thousands dead. And slowed the investment by the departure of several investor and economic partners. The national and international surge has put an end to the epidemic and we are now at zero Ebola in the country of the parrot’s beak (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone).

L’armoirie de la République de Guinée
Coat of arms of the Republic of Guinea

It is true that this disease has ruined the economies in the three countries to national and international efforts the epidemic has been completely eradicated and Guinea has become more attractive.
As proof, investors have resumed quickly in all areas such as mining or the actions are visible.

“It is this Guinea, the new Guinea, where justice and respect for human rights are now inviolable, which is extending its hands to its partners to form a win-win partnership.”